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'Bathtubs' director DAVA WHISENANT wins BEST NEW DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR at Tribeca Film Festival

'Bathtubs Over Broadway' wins BEST DOCUMENTARY SCREENPLAY at Writers Guild Awards

'Bathtubs Over Broadway' receives ACE Editing Award nomination

'Bathtubs' nominated for BEST MUSIC DOC & BEST SCORE at IDA Doc Awards

'Bathtubs Over Broadway' original motion picture soundtrack released by Back Lot Music

Bathtubs Over Broadway acquired by FOCUS FEATURES


HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Bathtubs Over Broadway - Film Review"

"A top-notch "isn't this insane?!" documentary that gradually becomes a heartfelt testament to the value of finding whatever strange thing in life makes you happy."

THE NEW YORKER: "Can a Musical Sponsored by a Toilet Manufacturer Be a Work of Art?"

"By presenting the gleeful idiosyncrasy of these artists' flamboyantly poetic renderings of arch-prosaic subjects, Young and Whisenant confront colossal matters of aesthetic theory with a sly wink."

VARIETY: "Film Review: Bathtubs Over Broadway"

"Though Young was initially drawn to these recordings for their sheer absurdity, he developed a sincere appreciation for their craftsmanship, and this mix of humor and humility is what makes the surrounding documentary so special"

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: "Bathtubs Over Broadway at VIFF inspires ‘wonderment, respect, affection and love"

"Director Dava Whisenant deftly follows Young’s arc from sneering, hardened comedy writer to collector to fan to author – and so much more. //  This film deserves as wide an audience as possible. It’s a kicky reminder that inspiration can be found in the weirdest places – maybe your bathroom, maybe a movie theatre."

THE WRAP: ‘Bathtubs Over Broadway’ Film Review: Ebullient Doc Sheds Light on Musicals Aimed at Corporate America"

“Bathtubs Over Broadway” is pure pleasure, both in its exploration of a hidden and uniquely American corner of show business and its portrait of the charmingly nerdy Young"

DECIDER: "Bathtubs Over Broadway’ on Netflix Is a Joyous Tribute to the Power of Art… and Also Bathrooms"

"Bathtubs Over Broadway is more than just a fun doc. It’s not hyperbole to say that this film is a celebration of the wonders humanity can achieve, whether the entire world or just a hundred people from sales are taking notice. Seeing these craftspeople take a subject as bland as light bulbs and create a piece of art that sticks with you via a melody or voice, it’s a joyous testament to art. Bathtubs Over Broadway gives all those voices a microphone again, and it’s wonderful to hear what they have to say and sing"

BOSTON GLOBE: "Appliances take center stage in ‘Bathtubs Over Broadway’"

"The deeper layers delve into the limitations of irony, and how a jaded, ironic point of view can turn into its opposite, an earnest ingenuousness."

LA TIMES: "Documentary 'Bathtubs Over Broadway' sings the praises of the secret world of industrial musicals"

"...the fact that the proceedings coincide with the end of the Letterman show, where Young worked for a quarter of a century, provide a poignancy that quickly disarms any cynicism one might feel toward this “Mad Men”-era"

SCREEN ANARCHY: "Tribeca 2018 Dispatch: Showbiz Documentaries"

“The most powerful film about connecting to the living in the present moment that I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

POV MAGAZINE: "Hot Docs Film Review: Bathtubs Over Broadway"

“The film tips its hat at a forgotten art, which reminded people that they matter. America might be going down the crapper, but this riotous doc reminds us that, like bathrooms, it can be a special kind of place—and certainly was, way back when.”

FLAVORWIRE: "Documentaries of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival"

"BEST OF THE FEST...Ultimately, Bathtubs Over Broadway is about more than this tiny, weird thing. It’s about how these peculiar interests can become our obsessions, and the way that ironic detachment can develop, surprisingly enough, into genuine affection. What a delightful movie this is.”

ROGEREBERT.COM: "Bathtubs Over Broadway Movie Review"

Thumbs Up. “Documentarian Dava Whisenant’s debut feature, “Bathtubs Over Broadway,” follows Young down the rabbit hole of his insatiable infatuation with industrial musicals, a jaw-dropping oddity confined within the most exclusive of hidden worlds.”

RICHARD PROPES / THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC : "Bathtubs Over Broadway at Heartland"

The word "delightful" is tossed around rather easily when it comes to movie reviews, but trust me when I say that Dava Whisenant's Bathtubs Over Broadway is truly one of the most delightful and one of the most entertaining feature docs to come my way in a very long time."

"This film is a complete and utter joy, embracing the remarkableness of its subject matter and creating a work of wonder around it."

ROLLING STONE: "20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2018"

“A chronicle of an obsessive quest to compile an unknown history that combines a music nerd’s love of esoterica with a detective's love of following leads down interesting detours.”

NEW YORK TIMES: "Robert DeNiro's Top Picks for the Tribeca Film Festival"

SCREEN ANARCHY: "ROTTERDAM 2019: What The Audiences Liked Best"

NOLA.COM: "9 Must-See Movies at the 2018 New Orleans Film Festival"

"Not only one of the most endearing and entertaining documentaries in the 2018 New Orleans Film Festival lineup, but one of the most endearing and entertaining documentaries of 2018, period."

INDIEWIRE: "2018 Tribeca Film Fest Awards"

Tribeca Jury: “The winner of the Best New Documentary Director goes to a film that we chose for many reasons. The story, the specific subject, the journey into a world we never knew existed. This film also has an element every great film, doc, and story needs...heart.”

MXDWN: "Tribeca Film Festival Review - Bathtubs Over Broadway"

5 OUT OF 5 STARS. “The most charming documentary you never knew you wanted to see...A charming look at the unbridled enthusiasm of true fandom.”

MOVEABLE FEST: "Tribeca ’18 Review: You’ll Want to Soak Up Every Second of Dava Whisenant’s Delightful Bathtubs Over Broadway

"Set against the final days of the “Late Show,” the wildly entertaining documentary has considerable gravitas to go with its steady stream of crowd-pleasing musical numbers”

NOW TORONTO: "Hot Docs Review: Bathtubs Over Broadway"

“Top Ten of the Year...Ridiculously entertaining...a fascinating picture of optimism and corporate loyalty in mid-20th-century America”

NEW YORK TIMES: "17 Movies to Enjoy for the Tribeca Film Festival's 17th Edition"

“ENDEARING. A portrait of hobby turned obsession, a chronicle of a little-known subgenre of musical theater and an elegy for a period in midcentury America when company loyalty was, well, fun.”

THE CULTURE FILES: "Bathtubs Over Broadway’ Brings Joy and a Hospital Gurney to the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival"


“The most feel-good film event of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival”

"Bathtubs Over Broadway is Dava’s first foray into directing, but it certainly doesn’t show. The film, which weighs in at a svelte 87 minutes, is uplifting, well-conceived, and finely tuned. It’s well-worth seeking out."

HERE'S THE THING with Alec Baldwin: "The Hidden Trove of Musicals by Broadway's Greatest Talents"


“Among the most winning documentaries I’ve seen is Dava Whisenant's forthcoming

Bathtubs Over Broadway. Hands-down the best movie-musical number since Robert Morse

in 'How to Succeed'.” - Alec Baldwin

IONCINEMA: "Bathtubs Over Broadway: 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Review"


“A meaningful and rewarding journey”

RED CARPET CRASH: "Tribeca Film Review: ‘Bathtubs Over Broadway’ A Delightful Hidden Gem"


“This is a gem not to be missed.”

HOLLYWOOD CHICAGO: "Festival Feature: The Films of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival"


“The journey that Young takes with this odd obsession is truly magical, culminating in his own connection to the phenomenon. Truly a miracle."

FILMBUFF ONLINE: "Tribeca 2018: Bathtubs Over Broadway: A Delightful Trip Into The Hidden World of Industrial


"a tribute to the performers and creators of an odd slice of Americana that was very close to vanishing from memory"

WALL STREET JOURNAL: "New at This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival: A Piece of Live Theater"

NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS - ART WORKS: "Five Questions with Filmmaker Dava Whisenant"

WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD: "Tribeca 2018 Women Directors: Meet Dava Whisenant - "Bathtubs Over Broadway"

USA TODAY: "New Doc at Tribeca Shows Secret World of Industrial Musicals"

ASSOCIATED PRESS: "New Film Explores the Best Broadway Musicals You Never Saw"

CBC: "Bathtubs Over Broadway takes you into the secret world of corporate musicals you were never meant to see"


TRIBECA: Best New Documentary Director (Albert Maysles Award)

VANCOUVER: Most Popular International Documentary

NANTUCKET: Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature

SEDONA: Best of the Fest

FARGO: Best Documentary Feature

HAMPTONS: Summer Docs' Audience Award

ROTTERDAM: IFFR Audience Award: #1 Documentary, #2 Overall

HOT DOCS: Top 10 Audience Favorite (#6)

NAPLES: Best Documentary Feature

SIDEWALK: Audience Award for Best Documentary

HEARTLAND: Humor & Humanity Award

TEANECK: Best Documentary  &  Audience Award for Best Documentary

TRAVERSE CITY: Special Award for Exuberance in Documentary Filmmaking

NASHVILLE: Special Jury Prize: Music Films/Music City

ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE LOST WEEKEND: Best Documentary  &  Audience Favorite

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